Yacht Rental in Saint Augustine

Luxury Cruise On the River

A historic tall ship and a brightly lit bridge against the twilight sky of St. Augustine, reflecting off the water's surface, a scene accessible through the scenic waterways toured by Bliss by the Sea's yachting excursions.
A charming dusk scene with a tourist boat cruising along the St. Augustine riverfront, with a dramatic sky glowing with shades of pink and orange, as part of Bliss by the Sea's yachting experience.

St. Augustine offers much to see, stretching from the Crescent Beach coastline through the Matanzas Intracoastal Waterway.

However, if you’re only traveling by land during your trip in St. Augustine, you’re missing half the adventure.

Yacht rentals are a great way to get a whole different perspective with a true luxury cruise experience right on the river.

One part romance, one part adventure, you can’t complete your stay in St. Augustine without experiencing a luxury yacht cruise.

Passengers on a river cruise enjoying the golden hues of sunset on the water, illustrating the Sunset Wine Cruise available through Bliss by the Sea's yachting experiences.


Bliss By the Sea has partnered with local luxury yacht charter TH CHARTERS who offers some of the top yacht tours in St. Augustine, to provide a collection of unforgettable romantic experiences to our guests via its 40-foot private luxury yacht, “My Way”. Before setting out, you can choose from several unique experiences including:

A silhouette of a person standing at the helm of a yacht at sunset, with a vivid purple and pink sky above the serene waters of St. Augustine, reflecting the tranquil yet adventurous yachting experience offered by Bliss by the Sea

Sunset Wine Cruise

Set out on a romantic cruise through the bay with a glass of wine for the perfect end to a day of adventure.

The calm blue waters of St. Augustine's marina dotted with neatly lined yachts and sailboats under a clear sky, representing the starting point for Bliss by the Sea's luxury yachting excursions.

Sightseeing Tour of St. Augustine

Set out on a romantic cruise through the bay with a glass of wine for the perfect end to a day of adventure.

A close-up view of a catered meal aboard a yacht, with a wooden platter of sushi and glasses of champagne, set against the backdrop of a leisurely nautical experience by Bliss by the Sea.

Catered Dinner Charter

Customize your cruise with full concierge and yacht charter service. You decide where to set course and can even enjoy a meal with your special someone right on the water.

Yachting Itenaries

Experience St. Augustine and Crescent Beach’s coastal beauty by way of a variety
of routes and destinations.

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Night of Lights

Float through the bay in relaxation as the sun sets with your muse at your side, or ride at night and enjoy the sparkling coastline.

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Eco Tours

From dolphin watching to birding, you can take a variety of eco-focused tours to experience the local wildlife.

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Matanzas Intracoastal Waterway

Whether a sunset trip for romance or a relaxing drift through nature, the intercoastal waterway offers much to see from protected National Forest to rare wildlife.

A person relaxing on the bow of a yacht, bathed in the golden light of sunset, capturing the relaxed luxury of a private charter with Bliss by the Sea.
A luxury yacht illuminated by the warm glow of the setting sun, cruising through the deep blue waters, offering an intimate evening escape as part of Bliss by the Sea's yacht rental experience in St. Augustine.

Yacht Rental Packages

Ready to start your adventure?

During your cruise, you’ll be served by Captain Todd Harris, a licensed boat captain for over 20 years and a St. Augustine native.

Packages start at $600 for a 3-hour guided tour.

When booking your stay at Bliss by the Sea, mention our Bliss Excursions. We’ll personally introduce you to Captain Harris so that he can prepare you for the day of your cruise. Or contact us directly for more information.

Frequently asked question ?

What experiences does Bliss by the Sea offer for yachting?2024-04-08T11:26:57-04:00

Offers unique experiences like Sunset Wine Cruises, Sightseeing Tours, and Catered Dinner Charters.

Can you describe the yacht available for these experiences?2024-04-08T11:25:22-04:00

The yacht “My Way” is featured for these excursions, providing luxury and comfort.

What are some of the itineraries available?2024-04-08T11:28:04-04:00

Itineraries include the Night of Lights, Eco Tours, and trips along the Matanzas Intracoastal Waterway.

How much does it cost to rent the yacht?2024-04-08T15:43:11-04:00

Rental packages start at $600 for a 3-hour guided tour.

How do I book a Bliss Excursion?2024-04-08T11:31:22-04:00

Book your stay at BBTS and mention our Bliss Excursions or contact us directly for more information.

A striking image of a yacht bow cutting through glistening waters, with the sun setting in a vibrant orange sky, symbolizing the high-end and picturesque journeys available through Bliss by the Sea's yacht charters.

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