When planning a retreat, you aim to create a relaxing, memorable experience for guests. Ultimately, you want to keep your attendees ranting and raving about the getaway for the foreseeable future. 

Selecting the perfect luxury hotel is a big decision when planning a retreat. There’s a lot to think about as you shop around, and this post is designed to help keep your planning streamlined. 

Factors to Consider When Exploring Luxury Hotels for a Retreat

Are you planning a company retreat or an organized getaway for a group? It’s a big responsibility to take on! There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect luxury hotel to host your event – discover them all here.


As much as you want to go all out for your event, accommodations will take up the most significant portion of your budget. Keep your maximum budget in mind as you research various luxury hotels to ensure you can afford the ones you’re looking at. 


Consider the activities you plan on doing during the retreat and the overall theme of the retreat. 

Will you host three meals daily, spa visits, golf outings, and other activities? If so, be sure the hotel you choose offers the activities you want to do. Or, be sure they can help you book them off-site to make planning easier. If the retreat is for relaxation, splurge on spa packages and opt for two hosted meals instead of three to offset the cost. 


Whether you’ll be driving or traveling by train or airplane, location is vital when selecting a luxury resort! Something centrally located that is convenient for people to get to is ideal. 

Again, consider the activities and events you want to offer at the retreat as you think about a location. Many opt for beach settings because there’s so much to do in coastal towns, and the scenery can’t be beat. 

Hotel Amenities

If you plan to spend considerable time on-site at the hotel, the premium amenities matter! Luxury hotels typically offer spa treatments, babysitting services, an on-site restaurant, a coffee bar, swimming pools, fitness classes, and more. 

Consider which amenities attract your guests and keep them raving about their experience. 


Consult the reviews of previous guests of every luxury hotel you look at. Guests will provide details about what could have improved their experience, but be sure to find the highlights and positive aspects that guests enjoyed. 

The positive reviews will help you determine which hotels have value-adds your guests will appreciate. 

Finding Luxury Hotels Near Me

If location is the deciding factor for choosing a luxury hotel for your retreat, searching for hotels nearby is the first step. 

Determine how far guests are willing to travel and filter hotels by distance (i.e., hotels within 50 miles) to narrow your search. 

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