A wedding venue on the beach is displayed, with the ocean in the background and florals on the sand.

Expert Tips for Choosing an Elegant Wedding Venue

Shopping for a wedding venue is one of the most significant steps in planning your big day. Once the venue is booked, many other details fall into place, and many other important decisions can be made. 

As bridal trends change, more couples opt for classic, elegant weddings that withstand the test of time. 

If that’s the vibe you’re after, here are some expert tips on choosing an elegant wedding venue to celebrate your forever love.

Choosing Elegant Wedding Venues Near Me

Are you committed to getting married locally? Your search is already narrowed down by default,  and you may know where to start looking. 

Search local wedding sites for venues that former brides highly recommend. These venues will offer premium services and amenities, unique scenery, highly rated food and bar services, event coordination, and more. 

What Sets Elegant Wedding Venues Apart

Elegant, premium wedding venues offer a step above the rest in several ways. Here are the details to pay attention to while searching for the perfect spot to say “I do.” 

Style & Feel

Every couple has their own unique style. Chances are, you will instantly connect with a venue when it offers the style you want for your special day. 

Whether you’re looking for a classic vibe or seaside elegance, the feeling you get when you walk in the doors can be very telling. 

If elegant style is what you’re after, a luxury hotel in a beautiful scenic spot is a popular choice. There is plenty of opportunity to add unique touches, but the landscape and venue should already evoke the vibe you’re imagining. 


If elegance is what you’re going for, the food served can be a major indication of how premium a venue is. Venues with five-star restaurants on-site or partnerships will provide your guests with a memorable, world-class meal and overall experience

Wedding Planner

Some couples are determined to book the vendors and rentals on their own, while others would rather have a wedding planner handle the heavy lifting. 

If a venue you’re looking at offers a wedding planner, this is another indication of the experience you’ll have if you book here. A wedding planner will bring your vision to life by booking wedding vendors and rentals based on your style, preferences, and wedding theme. 

This includes everything from catering to invitations, tables, chairs, linens, dishware, barware, decor, florals, and much more. 

Event Coordination

The most premium venues offer event coordination to take pressure off the couple and the families on the wedding day. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing the coordinators ensure everything flows smoothly and goes off without a hitch.

Event coordination is particularly helpful for couples hosting a destination wedding who can’t participate in venue walk-throughs leading up to the big day.

Curate an Elegant Wedding at Bliss by the Sea

Curating a stylish, elegant wedding can be done with a bit of creativity and the right venue that fits your wedding vision. Bliss by the Sea offers a beautiful seaside escape to host the most important day of your life. Learn more about our property here.