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Eco Tours in Saint Augustine

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At Bliss By the Sea, we’re committed to sustainable hospitality, from sourcing local and organic products to supporting local ecotourism.

If you’re interested in setting out on a romantic adventure with your special someone, eco excursions in Saint Augustine offer the perfect escape into nature.

Set out on adventure during the day, enjoying a golden sunset in comfort and serenity from our back deck, while staying in your luxurious and romantic Indochine-style suite by night, leaving you both with memories that last.

by the Sea

The sea offers lots to uncover along the Crescent Beach coastline. Eco excursions by the sea come in a wide variety of adventures including

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Dolphin Watching

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Tours are led by trained naturalists with a wealth of knowledge and experience on the diverse natural ecology of Northeast Florida.

Marine life tours take place on large 18-foot Explorer boats, where you’ll be able to not only spot dolphins and other marine life but listen in to underwater sounds made by those marine mammals in the comfort of your seat.

From learning about local marine life to snorkeling off Crescent Beach, no matter what type of adventure you’re looking for you’ll find a plethora of paths ready to tread at your whim.

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Catamaran sailing

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Wildlife Photography

Blissful Yacht Excursions on “MyWay”

In addition to smaller boating excursions, Bliss By the Sea has officially partnered with TH Charters to offer incredible romantic excursions on its 40-foot private luxury yacht, “My Way”

You can choose from a variety of different adventures, including

  • Sightseeing tours of St. Augustine

  • Romantic sunset cruises

  • Catered dinner charters

Guests enjoying a sunny day on a spacious pontoon boat, embodying the leisurely and scenic water tours curated
A serene harbor scene with a sailboat moored in calm waters, inviting visitors to explore marine life and sailing adventures with Bliss by the Sea
Luxury yachts docked in a sunlit marina, reflecting the upscale yachting experiences offered eco-excursion packages

Your excursion will be led by Captain Todd Harris, a licensed boat captain for over 20 years and a St. Augustine native, the perfect tour guide for your trip.

Book your stay and mention our Bliss Excursions or contact us for more information.

A wooden path meandering through dunes, beckoning guests to discover the natural beauty

Eco Tours in Saint Augustine

The ocean isn’t the only thing there is to explore in St. Augustine. Eco tours in Saint Augustine also include the nearby Matanzas State Forest, where you can enjoy a variety of outdoor eco-friendly activities

Local salt marsh kayak trips allow you to learn more about the Matanzas National Forest from experts while enjoying the thrill of kayaking through protected waters. Passes are available if reserved in advance to explore the salt marshes, coasts, and open forest of the Matanzas Forest.

  • Biking

  • Camping

  • Fishing

  • Hiking

  • Horseback riding

  • Paddling

Horseback riding, hiking, and other outdoor activities are also available throughout the national forest upon reservation.


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A rancher meticulously preparing a horse for a ride, highlighting the diverse outdoor activities like horseback riding
A trail of footprints on a pristine sandy beach, leading to the promise of unforgettable eco-adventures
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Bliss By the Sea’s Commitment to Conservation

When you stay in one of Bliss By the Sea’s luxury suites, you can rest easy knowing you’re supporting an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Every part of our property’s maintenance and partnership with local ecotourism groups is rooted in our eco-conscious beliefs.

You can also be proud knowing you’re supporting more sustainable and eco-friendly tourism by enjoying the planet’s natural vistas in a way that doesn’t negatively impact them.

Book your weekend getaway at Bliss By the Sea and get ready to set out on your next adventure

Frequently asked question ?

What kinds of eco excursions are available?2024-04-09T09:43:10-04:00

We offer a variety of eco-friendly adventures, including dolphin watching, snorkeling, birding, catamaran sailing, wildlife photography, and luxurious yacht excursions.

Are there guides available for the excursions?2024-04-09T09:44:38-04:00

Yes, all our tours are led by experienced naturalists familiar with Northeast Florida’s ecology, ensuring both an informative and enjoyable experience.

Can we listen to underwater sounds during marine life tours?2024-04-25T12:11:54-04:00

Absolutely! Our marine life tours on 18-foot Explorer boats are equipped to let you listen to the underwater sounds of marine mammals.

What are some activities included in the yacht excursions?2024-04-25T12:13:42-04:00

Our yacht excursions on the 40-foot luxury yacht “My Way” include sightseeing, romantic sunset cruises, and catered dinner charters.

What eco-friendly activities can we do in Matanzas State Forest?2024-04-25T12:15:01-04:00

The forest offers biking, camping, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and paddling, with experts to guide you through the salt marsh kayak trips.

How does Bliss by the Sea support conservation?2024-04-25T12:15:37-04:00

Our commitment to conservation is reflected in our sustainable hospitality practices, partnerships with local ecotourism groups, and maintenance of our property.

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