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Cafes By The Sea

An idyllic beachside seating area with rustic chairs and a bare tree, where guests can relax and enjoy the natural beachfront setting after dining
A modern dining space with views of a yacht moored at a marina, suggesting the upscale dining experiences available at venues

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a romantic dinner at a cozy cafe with a view of the St. Augustine coastline. Rolling waves and crystal-clear sunsets combine with an incredible array of culinary favorites to create the perfect weekend escape.

While you enjoy your stay at Bliss By the Sea, the premiere romantic getaway in St. Augustine, check out top dining near the hotel fit for kings and queens of every palate.

Best Cafes
Near the Hotel

St. Augustine and Crescent Beach are bursting with quaint cafes and incredible dining experiences. The only problem? Deciding which to choose first.

A vibrant dish of steamed clams with lemon and butter, presented in a blue bowl on a wooden table, capturing the fresh seafood offerings at a dining spot
An open-air seaside dining area with picnic-style seating under a pergola, offering a casual and serene place to enjoy a meal, reflective of the dining options near Bliss by the Sea.


Neighboring Bliss By The Sea, Commander’s is a fresh seafood eatery with a raw and steam bar, serving local seafood and drinks. If you’re looking for the perfect mouth-watering seafood experience, the Commander is ready to serve.

A warmly lit dining area set for a group, with wooden tables and flowers in mason jars, suggesting the cozy and intimate dining experiences highlighted by Bliss by the Sea
A soothing green matcha latte with a delicate leaf design on a wooden tabletop beside a blank notebook, embodying the peaceful cafe moments at Bliss by the Sea's recommended dining spots

The Floridian

Modern and locally sourced Southern grub, including plentiful vegan options, The Floridian prides itself on making any and every guest feel welcome. A blend of upscale and kitschy decor offers a truly unique dining experience.

Colorful and inviting street tacos on a plate, representing the casual yet flavorful dining options at local eateries

Mojo’s Tacos

Just looking for some killer tacos to enjoy after a day on the beach? Mojo serves a unique and delicious double-decker style taco with soft and hard shells fused together paired with their signature Mojo Sauce.

A selection of artisanal kitchenware and organic products displayed in a rustic market setup, akin to the hand-made local gifts at cafes
An avocado toast garnished with sprouts and spices on a dark ceramic plate, offering a simple yet gourmet culinary experience

Juniper Market

Blueberry ginger lemonade. Matcha latte with ceremonial grade Uji matcha. Magic coffee. Did we mention espresso? If you’re looking for a fun stop to grab a drink and a small bite, Juniper Market certainly won’t disappoint.

A blurred figure of a server in motion in a casual dining setting, with wooden tables and a homey decor, evocative of the relaxed eateries near Bliss by the Sea
An overhead view of a traditional Korean meal, featuring a hot stone bowl of Bibimbap and side dishes, exemplifying the global flavors

The Blue Hen Cafe

The Blue Hen Cafe is brunch done right. Comfort food with a Southern twist doled out in hearty portions makes it the perfect lunch stop after a day of adventure. The homey vibe and small-town feel make it ideal if all you want is somewhere to relax and enjoy one another’s company.

A cheerful staff member stands outside a cozy restaurant entrance, exemplifying the welcoming and friendly atmosphere of the dining
An overhead shot of friends sharing a casual meal with burgers and sweet potato fries, a moment of conviviality reflecting the casual dining options

Llama Restaurant

Peruvian specialties meet artistic charm in Llama restaurant, offering an experience that is as intimate as it is creative and fun. If you’re looking for something different, here you’ll find an expansive dinner menu with lots of vegetarian options open all week long.

A charming entrance to a house with climbing vines over an archway, leading to a welcoming front porch shaded by trees, capturing the serene coastal ambiance of a dining venue recommended by Bliss by the Sea

Sunday Gathering Table

With delicious lunch and breakfast, mouth-watering burgers and sandwiches, and decor that speaks to the modern St. Augustine art scene, Sunday offers a unique balance of style and taste that you can’t find elsewhere.

The rustic exterior of a cafe with a unique character, featuring vibrant chairs and artistic touches, reminiscent of the charming dining options highlighted by Bliss by the Sea
A beautifully plated steak with colorful vegetable garnish on a slate, symbolizing the sophisticated dining available in St. Augustine

Buena Onda Cafe

A charming family-run vegan and vegetarian cafe that serves down-to-earth breakfast and lunch items, including a wide selection of drinks from espresso to Yerba mate. They also have a mini market of hand-made local gifts.

An elegant bar setting with a vibrant mosaic ceiling, exuding a warm and eclectic atmosphere, inviting guests to enjoy a sophisticated dining experience as mentioned on Bliss by the Sea's dining recommendations.
An inviting bar with a tropical ceiling mural and a modern ambiance, reflecting the diverse and artistic dining environments found at Bliss by the Sea's recommended restaurants

Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom is your go-to if you’re just looking for a great burger or pizza (and some charm to go with it). Filled with car-themed decor that creates a truly unique vibe, Mellow Mushroom boasts quality angus-beef burgers, incredible stone-baked pizzas, and a large selection of craft beer.

Dine-In At
Bliss By The Sea

When you stay at Bliss By the Sea, you get two parts romance and relaxation and two parts hospitality.

Enjoy a breakfast buffet feast on us from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM (BBTS does not currently offer lunch or dinner). Once you’re ready, set out on a culinary adventure across the St. Augustine coast with your special someone.

A collage of various dining settings and delectable dishes, capturing the essence of the culinary journey offered near Bliss by the Sea, from cozy indoor atmospheres to breathtaking views accompanied by gourmet meals

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Frequently asked question ?

Is breakfast included with my stay?2024-02-06T05:49:00-05:00

Want a delicious breakfast? We’ve got you covered. Every morning, enjoy a breakfast buffet with an arrangement of sweets, meats, sandwiches, and (of course) coffee!

What time is check-in?2024-04-08T13:01:18-04:00

Check-in is available from 4:00 – 9:00 P.M. If you would like earlier or later check-in, this may be possible based on availability but please contact our staff to coordinate.

Are there dining options near Bliss by the Sea?2024-04-08T11:01:49-04:00

Yes, nearby dining options range from seafood eateries and modern Southern restaurants to cafes offering brunch and vegetarian meals.

Can I find vegetarian and vegan options at nearby restaurants?2024-04-08T11:02:37-04:00

Several nearby restaurants offer vegetarian and vegan options, including The Floridian and Buena Onda Cafe.

Is there a place for casual dining, like tacos or pizza?2024-04-08T11:04:00-04:00

Yes, Mojo’s Tacos offers unique tacos, and Mellow Mushroom provides burgers and pizzas.

Are there any unique dining experiences recommended by Bliss by the Sea?2024-04-08T11:05:31-04:00

Yes, options include Commander’s for seafood, Llama Restaurant for Peruvian cuisine, and The Blue Hen Cafe for Southern brunch.

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